Ever wondered what it takes to work in one of the top event planning companies in New York? City Or how party planners dig through thousands details regarding hotels, restaurants, theaters, and other locations to put the perfect corporate event or retreat together? Read on for the must-have traits to be the best event planner for one of the best event companies in the best city in the world- NYC.

1. Sit down and figure out why you would be a great event planner. Do you have an unbeatable eye for detail? Do you get the best prices for a venue no matter what? Can you work within a budget? If you’re thinking of working for event planning businesses, than being able to say “yes” to all these questions is an absolute must. At the end of the day your clients need more than just a magical event, and being able to handle all the little details is equally important for providing a great experience. The people who work in New York City event planning companies are not only capable of renting out grand hotels, they’re also able to coordinate little things like getting the right number of pens and notepads at a moment’s notice. So when you’re considering why you would be great at an event management company, consider the full range of what you could bring to the table. And if you realize there is any area you could still improve on, consider take some extra education to beef up your skills.

2. Prove your skills by taking a course. New York City has a ton of amazing schools where you can learn to be a top event planner. One option is by doing a hospitality degree; however, you can also a great course in New York University. If you’re willing to go outside the city, consider studying at CUNY College of Technology in Brooklyn or Nassau Community College in Garden City. While it may seem unnecessary, having schooling in the business goes a long way to adding credibility to your resume.

3. If you don’t have experience, get it. Event planning business trust event planners with lots of different projects in their portfolio. So if you don’t have a lot of experience as a party planner or corporate event planner already, take part in fundraising committees and charities. Not only will you be able to add content to your resume, but the contacts and real world experience is unbeatable.

4. Network with other professionals. By going to event planning conferences or by joining sites, you can connect with experts in the field who can give you advice and help. Another great way to meet other professionals is by checking out the New York Event Planners Forum. The time it takes to build your connections will be more than payed off through the information you gain and will help prepare you for when you are looking to work in event planning companies in New York.

5. Build your portfolio. All of the events planners at SLS Events Management are successful because they have great portfolios full of work they can be proud of . The greatest asset of any planner, be it a corporate event planner or a party planner, is the work they’ve done in the past. We’ve carefully crafted hundreds of events to fit any kind of client, and can use our past experiences to help give advice and recommendations when working with new clients. By using our portfolio, we can display past projects like organizing a ballroom for a conference for 1000 attorneys, 7 soccer fields in Barcelona, Spain for a Team Building Event, multiple houses in Texas for the South-by-Southwest Music Festival or taking 135 producers out to dinner to the Picasso Restaurant in the Bellagio. So take some time to pick your best projects in event planning and showcase them with pride.

6. Always present your best work.If you’re thinking of working for a New York event planning company, make sure that you are always doing the best job possible. At SLS Events Management, we work hard to ensure that when our clients turn to us to help them flawlessly execute their transportation or arrange unique dining experiences, it’s never a problem. This lets our clients trust us enough to take care of all their event planning needs. So if you are looking to work as an event planner in the Big Apple, be prepared to bring your best to the table. Or ballroom. Or football field. Whatever the case may be.