From milestone birthday celebrations to product launches, an endless list of details goes into event planning. While a select handful of ambitious do-it-yourselfers have what it takes to make all those elements come together as they should, these talented and organized individuals tend to be few and far between. For everyone else, an Event Management Company may be a more practical solution. Though the reasons for seeking professional assistance are as intricate as the details themselves, a few stand out above the rest.

Far-Reaching Connections

Whether being tasked with impromptu Venue Planner responsibilities to the full range of catering, guest seating, decor, and entertainment, you risk running into any number of problems. A DC Event Planner has an extensive network of goods and service providers in their arsenal. They also know exactly which ones are reputable and will live up to their advertised claims.

Damage Prevention and Control

Plans rarely come together as expected. Even the smallest oversight on your part could spell disaster, including everything from failing to provide kosher menu options to forgetting to schedule a backup speaker in case your primary choice cancels at the last minute. These seemingly small issues could lead to cascade failure for your event and potentially ruin your reputation or that of your company. Event Production requires attention to even the most minor factors, and a professional has plenty of experience in hoping for the best while ensuring the worst doesn’t happen. Should something unexpected come up, they understand exactly which measures to take to compensate.


No event comes without some type of budget, though some are far more extravagant than others. While the general public is subject to a specific price list, the extensive network developed by an Event Planner once again makes a difference. Professionals are often given special financial considerations due to the sheer volume of business they provide for D.J.’s, catering companies, florists, and other businesses, and they pass those savings on to their clients.

Regardless of the occasion at hand, having a professional NYC Event Planner could make all the difference. SLS Events Management provides:

  • Venue selection and booking
  • Decor, stage setup, lighting, and entertainment scheduling
  • Technical support
  • Photography and videography